CJSC «Company FARADEI» successfully attends Russian footwear market for more than 20 years. It specializes in special footwear and garments production for Russian military structures, and major corporations.

More than 1 300 persons work at company’s factories in Kimri (Tver region) and Rasskazovo (Tambov region). Production capacity of those two manufactures admit to produce up to 5 million pairs of shoes per year.

Major «Faradei» customers are: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, EMERCOM, Roscosmos and many others.

«Faradei company» production has golden awards for nomination «Unique domestic products Russian Military Forces rear» and many other sectoral exhibition awards.

«Faradei company» develops and mass-produces full range of footwear uniform: for soldiers and officers, tactical and casual, summer and winter.

Special «Faradei» trademark footwear is targeted for militaries, force and security forces staff. Footwear developed by «Faradei» company protects foot, shin, ankle from injury, aggressive environment impact and fire.
Some unique materials and technologies such as «Gore-Tex», are applied in Russia only by «Faradei» company. «Faradei» constantly develop new and modernize existing footwear models. Footwear weight goes down, performance improves.

«Faradei» manufactures are equipped with modern computerized facilities for rotary footwear production using method of direct tint (Desma, Germany). Special software lets produce mold fixtion method shoes on combined sole made from high-strength thermopoliurethane and poliurethane.

High-tech equipment «Atom» for membrane footwear materials cutting and considerable sewing machines fleet «DURKOPP-ADLLER» production for high thickness leather sewing commissioned at the manufactories.
High quality of the production at the manufactories is confirmed by ISO 9001-2001. Multistep quality control at each stage of manufacture is supported by performing materials tests in the company own laboratory and laboratory of Leather-shoes Industry Institute.

Military training exercises held by Russian Army are the best testing areas for new boots and equipment. Company managers meet personnel and command of the military units took parts in the trainings after each war game. All comments and proposals of the participants are carefully exploring and using in equipment improvement. Such tests are held each year. Shoes durability and applicability in terms of combat missions in each climate and weather conditions checks.