Vibram® Outsole

Vibram® Outsole


In soles’ world Vibram® is quality standard which is tested by time. Company Vibram has been staying a world leader of manufacturing rubber soles for special footwear.

In the most difficult and unpredictable conditions, during execution of tasks to overcome rugged terrain, Vibram® soles provide 100% confidence in safety and footwear’s reliability.

Vibram® outsoles, using in producing of FARADEI shoes, are providing great grip to all types of ground and rocky surfaces:
• on dry and wet surfaces;
• on iced and snow surface;
• on smooth artificial surfaces;
• on soft ground

Vibram® outsoles characterize by high abrasion resistance. In addition protector’s elements don’t limit sole’s flexibility. The absence of protrusions in the middle of Vibram® outsole allows the foot moves naturally. Protector’s details are oriented in all directions that provides excellent grip.

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