Cordura® is a trademark of hi-tech fabrics with special structure of interweaving. Material is well-known cause of its unique properties: durability, abrasion resistance, water-repellent aptitude and also breathability. This fabric is resistant to high temperatures (up to +85°С) and has good electrical insulating properties. Cordura® is being used by the best manufacturers of footwear and garment for special goals: army, tourism and hunting.

Cordura® is approach for making such products which need resistance to pricking, rupture and rough friction. Cordura® fabric is soft, flexible, lightweight and it has a lot of color variants.


* is twice more durable than standard nylon
* is threefold more durable than polyester
* is in 10 times more durable than cotton fiber

Cordura® fabric firstly was developed by Du Pont company (USA) for army needs. In nowdays this material is being produced by Invista who is international leader of manufacturing of polymeric fibers. The base for all species of Cordura® is nylon fabric with special structure of interweaving, water-repellent and polyurethane coating.

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