Quick-lacing Воа®

Quick-lacing Воа®


ВОА® is universal quick-lacing system which allows to lace up shoes by simply rotating of special disc. Instead of the usual lace tightness is being produced by little metal ropes that sliding on rails. Such tightness is processing uniformly, without pressure zones and cause of disc’s blocking lacing doesn’t weaken during use.

Micro control ВОА® allows to fine-tune the degree of tightening that ensures maximum comfort while wearing shoes.

If it’s necessary the system allows you to change tightening with only one slight turn of Boa® disc.

Key features of ВОА® system:
* Instant lacing. For unlacing the boot, pull ВОА® lock over
* You can lace up boots easily without removing the gloves, which is especially important at low temperatures
* ВОА® system doesn’t take up water, mud and ice and that’s why doesn’t increase the weight of shoes
* Easy to clean. In case of contamination ВОА® details could be simply washed with water.
* Lace ВОА® is made of 49 ropes from aircraft stainless steel which bounded in bundles, which, in its turn, twist into large bundles, after which they are being apply with anticorrosion coating that reduces friction.
* The company Boa Technology Inc. gives a lifetime warranty on parts of ВОА® quick-lacing system

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